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Special Autumn

It's skincare season!

The beautiful tanned complexion of summer will gently give way to a duller complexion, sometimes even with few imperfections.

The main cause, the thickening of your epidermis to protect itself from the sun's rays.

dermo perfecteur.png

Because we believe that self-esteem and self-confidence - which are vital for accomplishing great things in one’s life - come from the image that one has of oneself, and the care one takes of oneself.


YANN MAUREL-LORÉ Créateur et Dirigeant d'Estime&Sens



On appointment


Monday : 8h30 - 18h30

Tuesday : closed

Wednesday : 8h45 - 20h

Thursday : 8h - 17h

Friday : wedding only

Saturday : wedding only

Sunday : closed

Chemin des Etales 8, 1934 Le Châble

In association with :

La Boîte à Coupe - Hairdresser - 027.776.28.36
Grain de Folie - Nail Stylist - 079.765.27.30

Sabrina Barras - permanent makeup - 077.421.63.36


Mégane Sarrasin

CFC Beautician

since 2014

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